Client Testimonials

Kad O
Great Class! Material was very well presented. Even a new person to the logics5000 can catch on quickly.
Mike M
Training was awesome!
Adam W
Very helpful with getting better understanding of how programs work. Would definitely attend another seminar!
Great Training! Learned more in 5 days with this course than I did in a semester in college!
Justin Shjarback
Good real-world examples, before and after exercises, and fits a lot of complex information into 5 days!
Jon Gilleres
Very knowledgeable and experienced tech. I could pick his brain all day. Thank you!
Juan Baez
Thank you -- best class I've ever taken!
Keir Brown
The instructor was very knowledgeable and very patient, and the course was organized and I learned a lot. This was a great course. I would recommend this training to everyone! Thank you!
David Y
Tom, You're an excellent teacher & very inspiring Technical Engineer. Thank you for your passion!
Gavin F
Excellent class and instruction. Good examples and hands on insuring that the concept taught were understood. Very good at providing help and instruction with any questions.
Darrel M
Excellent Class. Great hands on experience with a lot of repetition to enforce learnings. Instructor very knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge.
Mark Brown
Excellent course and instructor. Tom was very knowledgeable about the subject, and the scope/pace of the course was excellent.
Oscar Penagus
Great Class. Very thorough, enjoyed the explanations and real life experiences.
Doug Southall
Tom’s Teaching Abilities: Tom and I worked together for about a decade. He taught me almost all of the PLC knowledge that I have today. Now my company (as well as my co-workers) consider me a reputable source for troubleshooting and solving PLC (and electrical) related problems. Tom is ‘The Man’.
Calvin Mahlum
Great class. After taking this class I was more confident troubleshooting problems can’t wait to take more advance classes.
Jamie McMarty
Best PLC training ever! Tom did a fantastic job taking his time to make sure I knew everything I needed to start my new job. He is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Thanks!