Hands-On Training

Gain a Comprehensive Understanding

A Control Logic Training course often begins with an overview of the hardware used and transitions into an introduction to the RSLogix5000 software. You will be exposed to basic RSLogix5000 features, concepts, and frequently used terminology. You will be introduced to ControlLogix 5000 system hardware and obtain quality, hands-on, experience with the system. Additional opportunities include utilizing RSLogix5000 software to perform system configuration, project management and creation, programming, diagnostic, and troubleshooting tasks. Students will also receive a quality understanding of the structure of the RSLogix5000 program, by offering a straight forward approach to learning the essential ControlLogix5000 hardware and software components. Overall, RSLogix5000 hands-on training provides beginners and experts with a valuable hands-on experience, and a solid comprehension and understanding of the features and terminology utilized in a ControlLogix5000 platform and how to implement those features to benefit their own automation systems used in their business.

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