PLC Troubleshooting

Control Logic Training will introduce to you various troubleshooting exercises.

  • Troubleshoot a project using Search functions. Search by cross-reference.
  • Go to rung, Bit Toggle, I/O Forcing and Trends.
  • Troubleshoot a program by solving logic to get a system running.
  • Identify and understand the difference between Major and Minor faults.  How to locate and clear Processor faults.
  • Monitor data. 

At Control Logic Training we teach you the most commonly used instructions found in a machine control or process program. Every class will teach you various troubleshooting procedures. You will perform hands on troubleshooting of hardware and software issues, to include interpretation of the status indicators and the diagnostic messages. 

You will examine actual machine PLC programs and troubleshoot real world examples. Our students often bring in their machine programs which allows us to examine those programs, follow through the Controller Organizer to understand the use of different task and program file structure. Examine the instructions taught in the classroom and how they are being used in your machine or process programs. 

At CONTROL LOGIC TRAINING, walk from the classroom to the plant floor with confidence!

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