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Fundamentals – 2 Day Class


This class is intended for anyone who has an interest in programmable logic controllers “PLC”. If your interest is to become a PLC technician or programmer this class will give you the introduction to basic PLC programming and hardware concepts.

Class Details:

  • Simulator PLC hardware and I/O module configuration
  • Creating an Ethernet communications driver
  • Program entry and editing principles
  • Creating a New Project
  • Upload/Download programs to RSLogix 5000 controller
  • Basic data types
  • Programming Basic Relay Instructions
  • Write ladder logic using symbolic tag names
  • Perform Offline and Online program edits
  • Timer/Counter Instructions
  • Application programming, creating Motors Run Logic
  • I/O Forcing/Bit Toggle/Search Functions
  • Compare Instructions
SKU: CL100 ControlLogix5000 Fundamentals


Controllogix5000 Programming Fundamentals Class Description

After completing this class, you will have an understanding of Programmable Logic Controllers and how they work. This class is intended to teach you the hardware concepts and terminology of a Controllogix5000 system. This class will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of basic instructions found in a machine or process control application.

At Control Logic Training we will engage you each and every day using a Controllogix5000 simulator and Studio 5000 program documentation software.

You will have the opportunity to perform hands on labs to enter and edit programming instructions both online and offline exercises, followed up with practice troubleshooting problems and the use of, Trends, I/O Forcing, Search functions and Bit Toggle.

Class Agenda


  • Understanding Controllogix5000 system components / Hardware review
  • Create a new Controller project and configure simulator I/O modules, manual and online discover method.
  • Configure an Ethernet communications driver using RSLinks
  • Connect your computer to a Network
  • Upload/Download programs to a Contrologix5000 controller
  • Understanding common data types
  • Creating I/O Tags and Monitor data
  • Creating a new project/perform Offline and Online edits
  • Understanding edit principles
  • Program Basic Relay Instructions.


  • Programming Timer
  • Programming Counter Instructions
  • Application practice programing conveyor motors logic.
  • Programming Understanding Compare Instructions
  • Handling Expression in a Controllogix5000 system
  • Programming/Understanding Math Instructions
  • Search functions/I/O Forcing/Bit Toggle/Trends


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