Your Importance in the Manufactured Food Industry

Keeping shelves stocked with safe and tasty food is no small feat. It is easy to grab groceries without considering where they came from or how they were made. When dissecting how our food comes to be, a lot of what we consume today is manufactured in large factories by machines. So, how do these machines operate? Directions are communicated by programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) which help ensure uniformity in whatever is produced. Thanks to automation of machines and manufacturing food, quality is increased, timing is lessened, labor costs are reduced, and more reliable systems are in place.

Quality standards are of the utmost importance for perishable and nonperishable goods alike. One bad batch could lead to widespread sickness and profit losses. In order to produce large quantities with accuracy, companies rely upon a bit more than just human power. This is where PLC’s, and you, the programmer, come into play!

How does it work? While computers and machines might do the heavy lifting, it is up to you as programmers to tell the computers what to do. With PLC’s attached to a given machine, instructions are sent by the controller to another system which carries out the orders. With the Rockwell Allen Bradley 5000 software you will learn how to program and design these orders! Select one of our many courses and start learning how you can help increase productivity and reliability through programming systems!

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