Uses for PLC

Uses for PLC

What can Programmable Logic Controllers be used for? There are many industries where precision and efficiency are of high importance. PLC’s control the mechanization of certain production processes. Assembly lines, robotic devices, quality control parameters, to name a few, PLCs provide reliable and high level operating power to a plethora of systems and processes.

We here at Control Logic Training are here to train you in the Allen Bradley ControlLogix5000 PLC system. Our comprehensive classes teach you about the technology you are soon to be using. The automation of many different industries was possible in part due to the addition of programmable logic controls. They reduce human error while increasing the efficiency and reliability of machines used. Here are a few of the industries in which PLCs are primarily employed. 

Main industries:

Automobile manufacturing

This is where PLC’s got their first big start. Odo Josef Struger, an Austrian engineer, has been coined a father of the PLC and helped Allen-Bradely with the development of the technology. After its development, a few years later it was first adapted to replace an outdated relay system in the automotive industry.

Product assembly

Filing orders with the proper quantities and items used to be done manually. A tedious process which required many hands now can be done instantaneously and without the possibility of human error. PLCs have sped up production capabilities in most hard good industries.

Food assembly lines

When producing food in large quantities, quality control is important. Too much or too little of something can lead to an entire batch being spoiled and/or wasted. With the use of PLCs, exact quantities, mix times, cook times, etc can be programmed and executed with ease.

At home

There are civil applications for PLCs as well. At home in our washing machines the wash, rinse, and spin times are all controlled by a programmable logic controller. When commuting, streetlights turn on in the evening thanks to PLCs, and stop lights also can be controlled this way.

PLCs are everywhere nowadays. Within these industries they have allowed for more efficiency and uniformity. Looking to bring a PLC into your workplace? Take one of our incredible lessons and learn how exactly PLC’s work and can benefit you.

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