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Control Logic Training is a Las Vegas company dedicated to providing a quality and hands-on Allen Bradley Controllogix5000 training program. We offer Programmable Logic Controller technical education focusing on the RSLogix 5000 software. We strive to meet the educational goals of every one of our students by offering a range of Allen Bradley ControlLogix training courses tailored to fit the knowledge and experience of both beginners and experts.

ControlLogix 5000 courses are beneficial for any individual interested in the function of “PLC” Programmable Logic Control systems and for technicians and companies that utilize Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers in their machine or process control. ControlLogix 5000 class training is often extremely beneficial for software technicians, maintenance personnel, or engineers who seek improved maintenance, diagnostic, and troubleshooting skills which will allow for minimized system downtime and increased efficiency.

A ControlLogix 5000 course often begins with an overview of the hardware, configuration of a PLC system and transitions into the RSLogix 5000 software. This class will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the most commonly used instructions found in a machine or process control application. You will obtain quality, hands-on, experience with an Allen Bradley ControlLogix5000 PLC system. Additional opportunities include utilizing RSLogix 5000 software to perform system configuration, project management and creation, programming, diagnostic, and troubleshooting tasks.

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Control Logic Training Class Descriptions

PLC Programming Level 1


Class Information

This course covers the fundamentals of “PLC” programming logic. The focus is on how PLCs work and Control Logix 5000 instruction set and the diagnostic tools used in troubleshooting today’s manufacturing systems. This class will prepare you for employment as a PLC technician/programmer.

PLC Programming Level 2


Class Information

Upon completion of this class, you will have advanced knowledge of the ControlLogix 5000 controller capabilities. This class presents a deeper understanding to project development tasks and applications. To include creating and organizing a RSLogix5000 project, creating new Programs, Routines, Periodic, Event tasks and applications.

PLC Training 5 Day Class


Class Information

This class was designed for those companies who want the most from there training dollars. This course covers the best from our Level 1 and Level 2 seminars in a comprehensive PLC Programming 5 Day Seminar. This is an intensive Hands-On training class we will engage you each and every day using a Controllogix5000 controller (simulator) and Studio 5000 program documentation software.

Thomas Archibeque

Manufacturing Electrician ~ 1980 to 1989

Manufacturing Engineering Technician ~ 1989 to 2001

NTT Instructor ~ 2002 to 2003

Senior Controls Engineer ~ 2003 to 2016

Professional Experience

Tom Archibeque is an experienced Electrical Controls Engineer, providing Rockwell Automation control system integration, PLC programming and training. Working with numerous packaging manufacturing machine builders, keeping current with today’s PLC programming techniques.

After spending 23 years with the Coors Brewing Co. as a Manufacturing Engineering Technician 2 years with NTT National Technology Transfer and 15 years with Clearwater Paper Corporation, Tom has provided hundreds of Programmable Logic Controller “PLC” training to maintenance and engineering personal. Seminars using GE PLC controllers, Allen Bradley PLC2, PLC5 family of processors.

Today Tom is the owner and instructor for Control Logic Training offering ControlLogix5000 PLC training. By being in touch with the needs of his students, he has developed a training method that his students respond well to and enjoy attending. His passion for training and extensive experience, his students will walk from the class room to the plant floor with confidence.


  • PLC Industry training on Allen Bradley Hardware and Software
  • Total Quality Management
Education & Training

  • AA – Electronics Technology
  • Systems Safety Engineering, U.S. Department of Energy
Systems Knowledge

  • Allen Bradley PLC (PLC/5 SLC500 and Control Logix family processors.
  • Rockwell Studio 5000 software.
  • Control Net, Device Net DH+ and Remote I/O networks Installation and troubleshooting.

Tom’s Teaching Abilities

"Tom and I worked together for about a decade. He taught me almost all of the PLC knowledge that I have today. Now my company (as well as my co-workers) consider me a reputable source for troubleshooting and solving PLC (and electrical) related problems. Tom is ‘The Man’."

- Doug Southall

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